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Quality UV Protection for Optimal Visual Clarity

Elton Optics in Las Vegas, Nevada, has developed state-of-the-art non-polarized and polarized lenses for the ultimate visual clarity. You'll be amazed at the quality of our sunglasses. They offer maximum sun, glare, and UV protection. Once you experience the benefits of our eyewear, you'll never go back to standard sunglasses again. See our top selling sunglasses for some of our design favorites.

Avian 515 Orange Aviator Sunglasses

Non-Polarized Lenses

Talk about total protection. That's what you get with our  . It blocks 100% of damaging ultraviolet radiation, violet light, and blue light. Without the distraction of blinding rays, our non-polarized technology will improve your visibility through haze, fog, and smog. It reduces the reflection of light glints, enhances usable light, and improves visual clarity. Our sunglasses even have health benefits. They decrease eye fatigue and strain, and will lessen the risk of cataracts and retinal degeneration. With an amber tinted lens, the Avian is ideally suited for activities such as:

• Archery
• Hang Gliding
• Sail Planning
• Shooting
• Snow Conditions
• Soaring

Polarized Lenses

With all the same great benefits with the colored lenses but has a 100% glare- UV repellant, we've enhanced our polarized lens with a filter for increased protection from glare reflected off water, snow, ice, clouds, roadways, and other reflective surfaces. The Gray and Amber films blocks harmful UV rays and blue light. You'll enjoy brighter, sharper vision with maximum protection from the sun. Do a pair of Amber when it's hazy or cloudy outside for enhanced contrast and image definition also known for shallow fishing. Gray Polarized lenses are ideal for sight fishing and general use as well as the Green Polarized lenses.

Drivewear — Polarized Transitions Lens

There nothing more frustrating than wearing a pair of sunglasses while driving and still having to pull down the visor in your car. Our multi-functional lenses will automatically change colors and adapt to overcast and bright conditions. Leave your visor up and drive safely while wearing our Drivewear.

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