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For more than 20 years, Elton Optics in Las Vegas, Nevada, has been developing innovative pairs of prescription eyeglasses. Our unique, special film will enhance your vision, and the quality workmanship we put into every pair is guaranteed. Our products are available throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Pilot Wearing Avian Sunglasses

Innovative Technology

Our company is a spin-off business from Polarized lenses started the first Polarized lens manufacturer in the USA. Our lenses evolved from a technology developed by optician and engineers. Prior to the founding of our company, researchers discovered about the incredible vision of eagles, falcons, hawks, and other birds of prey. The findings were astounding. Many birds of prey secrete an orange colored retinal fluid that protects their eyes from UV rays, blue light, and bright sunlight. The fluid also enhances the bird's visual contrast.

Our Sunglasses

Inspired by our founders research findings, we decided to branch out and start our own company. Using the idea of optimal eye protection, we developed sunglasses with lenses that protect your eyes from damage caused by the sun, glare and snow while also enhancing your vision. We are also the original manufacturers of ultraviolet and blue light blocking sunglasses. Stop squinting your eyes and purchase one of our many high-quality varieties today.

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