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When you step out of your house and the sun is shining, the first thing you do is put on your sunglasses. You may think you're protecting your eyes from the sun, but with the wrong pair of glasses, you could still be doing long-term damage to your eyesight. Elton Optics in Las Vegas, Nevada, offers innovative non-prescription and prescription sunglasses with polarized lenses. Manufactured using technology, our groundbreaking lenses mimic the natural qualities that protect the vision of birds of prey such as eagles, falcons, and hawks. Whether you work long hours outdoors, are an avid fisherman, or are simply looking for increased protection, you can end your search with our lenses.

Black Wraptors Sunglasses
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Wraptors Black Matte — Single Vision With Prescription

Our most popular polarized sunglasses, the Wraptors, are ideal for fishermen and boaters. They feature a nylon wraparound frame with polarized polycarbonate lenses. The lenses are shatter proof, and the wraparound design keeps out dust, the sun's rays, and the wind. Block out everything else and focus on your main concern — catching a big one. Also available in bifocal and multi-focal varieties.

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Our Voyager product is an attractive sunglass that's great for all around use. It features a large eye size, which gives you an excellent field of vision while also maximizing eye coverage. Relatively unbreakable, the Voyager can stand up to any kind of punishment and can be worn while playing sports. Go out, have fun, and know that your eyes are protected.

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Man Wearing Voyager Sunglasses
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Man Wearing Waterman Sunglasses
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Our new Waterman features a curved side window with spring hinges for added comfort and dust protection. Effectively blocking sunlight and UV radiation, you can grab our Waterman and go. Not only are your eyes protected from harmful rays, you'll look fabulous sporting this lightweight black matte frames.

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Non-Polarized Shooter Orange or Yellow Lenses

Talk about total protection. That's what you get with our Blu-Blocker lenses. It blocks 100% of damaging ultraviolet radiation, violet light, and blue light. At the same time improves peripheral vision and visual acuity.

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Wiley X


If you are looking for fashionable glasses at an affordable price, try on our WileyX sunglasses. Available at a price 50% cheaper than other stores, we offer a range of designs for various activities

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